Bowerbird Print
Bowerbird Print

Bowerbird Print

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Bowerbird - The Australian Bird Series

Original Art by Sig Peters

Bowerbirds are the artists of the bird world.
Males build art-adorned love nests to attract a mate.

Have you ever seen one???

Growing up in the Australian Bush meant I’d find Bowerbird nests as a kid and I was always amazed at what I’d find in them. All shiny, white or blue pebbles, smashed porcelain plates, tin and pieces out of the shed.

The Australian Bird series brings bold colour, unique design and showcases the beautiful Australian birdlife in Sig’s unique style.

When designing these works, Sig had in mind the way art can transform your mood.
She settled on a bright and dopamine-infused design for each unique Australian Bird.

Sig hopes you can feel the energy, love and enjoyment in each piece. These works will brighten any space and bring happiness into your home. 

25 Prints are available for each bird.
This is a special feature to the Australian Bird Series as Sig will never print these again, keeping each print extra special and like you belong to a secret group.

All prints are A3 sized. 

*Prints are unframed*